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Looking Forward to 2012

Hello everyone in Utah and all over the world, I want to wish you a happy, wonderful, successful, prosperous, peaceful, healthy and wealthy new year. Women of the World Organization has passed its first year anniversary and has done some amazing work in 2011.We have helped more than 100 refugee families, women, men and children; are building great capacity by:

  1. offering them schooling, advocacy, jobs, interpreting, health education, and American cultural education.

  2. by giving each woman what she needs and make her safe in her new refugee community.

Women of the World and the organization’s clients send their appreciation for all the people that donated furniture, kitchen supplies, winter clothes, infant and household products. These are very useful, much needed things to make refugee women happy & support the entire family. Refugee women only need these simple things to feel empowered as a mothers, sisters, or daughters.We are looking forward to 2012.  Women of the World has a big list of needed programs for refugee women and hopes to turn some of the assisted clients into service professionals in the community from whence they came.  The programs WoW is working on this year include:

  1. An Experiential English Language Learners (ELL) class, our ladies are very excited to learn English with new program that Women Of the World put together using the “classroom of the community” approach.

  2. An office to gather the ladies, where they can communicate and learn from other women from different countries.  This is great therapy for the war survivors, rape survivors, and women that have survived more than 20 years living in camps.  An office will support many, many great things that will empower and build her capacity in her new community.

  3. Help women find a job or to get her own business.  For anyone that employees women, our community members are ready to go to work and are educated and hardworking.  This valuable resource with important ideas can help differentiate your business and make it more successful.

Please we need your help to make her dreams come true.

Donations to Women Refugees
  1. We need volunteers in many positions,

  2. We need English tutors,

  3. we need funding to pay the people helping other refugee women.

  4. we need donation for

    1. kitchen supply (pot, pans, dishes, food processor),

    2. vacuum cleaner,

    3. diapers,

    4. shampoo and soap,

    5. detergent,

    6. and food.

These women, mostly mothers, have gone to the ends of the world to protect their children and their families, please continue your generosity and give them the help they need to make their new houses into homes.

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