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Modeling Our World – 2017 Women of the World Fashion Show

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

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MARCH, 2017 Women of the World Fashion Show

The 2017 Women of the World Fashion Show strove to model the world we desire: women from all nations showing off the uniqueness of their culture surrounded by the loving support of a community. The healing of this event is apparent as I look through the photos and enjoy the comments on social media.When I named Women of the World, I wanted to make a statement about my sisters that share in giving care and building community.

I wanted to show that our diversity was the key to Utah achieving its potential.

The name Women of the World suggests a partnership of refugee women taking control of their lives with the help of those who know that “women’s rights are human rights.” We care for one another because we are all sisters and we remain positive because we know we must set the example if we are to nurture our society.

Women of the World believes that to care about refugees is to recognize divinity in the eyes of the most vulnerable – to engage instead of looking away.

The last 7 years, we have been privileged to work with the wonderful, courageous, hard-working, compassionate, caring, smart, and beautiful women that give our community resilience.

“Women of the World believes that to care about refugees is to recognize divinity in the eyes of the most vulnerable – to engage instead of looking away.”

We serve women from Syria, Iran, Congo, Central African, Burma, Nepal, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan. We have trained Utahns from the age of 14 to the age of 80 to mentor and extend a hand to refugees.

We have seen friendships grow, making Utah a place where there are fewer strangers and more neighbors. Our ladies — from all over the world –are paying forward our lessons in their home countries.

Women of the World is a boutique service and capacity building organization. Our ladies have custom needs. They need a caring professional to help them over one last hurdle, to get them a stable job, or to help them fill out their first application to college.

Most of you can reach out to your family if you need a hand, Women of the World is that family for our ladies.

By popular demand, WoW is publishing the introductions of the models, their hopes and aspirations, and the fashions that distinguish their heritage. As you read through these brief introductions, I think you will see why Women of the World is so proud of both these women and the Salt Lake City community that has welcomed them, creating a model world.


Faeiza Javed (left) is from Pakistan. Faeiza received both her bachelor’s (2013) and master’s (2014) degree in social work from the University of Utah. Faeiza is a social worker and mental health therapist. Most of her work has focused on individuals who are suffering from depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and PTSD. She hopes to one day become a leading voice for mental health in the Muslim and refugee communities.

Nora Abu-Dan is a former reigning Miss United Nations USA 2014. Nora represented her beautiful land and people of Palestine in the Pageant and has worked at great lengths to bring awareness and educate people about her motherland. Her platform was “Fight for your right! You have a voice, let it be heard.” Nora graduated with her degree in Economics and a minor in Spanish in 2015; thereafter, she attended the S.J. Quinney College of Law where she completed her first year of Law School.


Taiba is wearing a traditional dress from Iraq. Women in central and southern Iraq wear this dress to social events and parties. Taiba studied electrical engineering in school and is now thinking of getting her master’s degree. She wants to become an excellent engineer and knows she has the talent to accomplish this dream.