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Mother’s Day Celebration

This Sunday not even a downpour could keep the Women of the World nonprofit organization from celebrating the gifts that each of us has received from our life-giver, the first person we fall in love with in the world — our mothers.  We met in Salt Lake’s Sugarhouse Park near the lake and while it was a cold rainy day outside the park, the pavilion that the Women of the World occupied was warm with the love of over 50 mothers, their children, and their families.Women of the Women, whose mission is to support women of all nations in achieving their dreams, sponsored this event complete with a potluck and live music.  Mothers cooked for other mothers sharing dishes that had been passed down through matriarchal lines for generations and in many different languages.  Kids ran shared their stories of what they cooked for their moms at breakfast and how even their most experimental food was appreciated.  Live music shared the hardship and the joy, the love and the loss of Iran, Iraq, and Africa.

Women of the World would like to thank all of the attendees especially those mothers who took time out of their day to cook and celebrate with other mothers in the universal celebration of the special women that give us life and whose love gives us meaning.

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