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Supporting Iraqi Women caught in the recent violence

Last night was a great night to meet at the park and hold a candle & stand in solidarity with the women in Iraq that have been raped, that have lost loved ones & continue to weep for an end to war in the Fertile Crescent. WoW held a candlelight vigil supporting Iraqi women caught in the recent violence between ISIS and Iraqi government. These women have suffered horrible atrocities and have been the most affected by the recent violence that Iraq has seen in the incursions from the north.Iraqi women and men, supported by local Utahans and by one another, stood together in the hope that a peaceful end would come to end the violence in Iraq and allow the country to reach a unified government that represents the people’s desires. 

We raised a candle of hope & unity, of support & solidarity, of peace & sisterhood for Iraq and all nations at war.

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