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Women of the World President Samira Harnish speaks to University of Utah Service-Learning Class

Women of the World (WoW) President Samira Harnish spoke to the University of Utah class entitled Service Learning today bringing her message of hope and service to the refugee community in Utah. The class is designed to teach students about the benefits of service and the best methods for developing communities self-sufficiency. This seminar introduced the approximately fifty students to different non-profit organizationsOur president spoke about her experiences in leading a refugee service organization and the unique challenges of women refugees in America. She spoke to why WoW was developed and how it uses the values best exemplified in refugee women heroes to do what it does in service of refugee women. Samira also spoke about her experiences as an Iraqi-American and the delicate blend that immigrants must develop between the positive role that both cultures play on enhancing the opportunities and unique outlook women offer to employers, society, and their families. Two of the students and both of the teacher’s assistants were inspired to assist, but a relationship was developed between all the youth desiring service and the women of the world in need of a helping hand that will light the path for years to come. Thank you for your desire to serve and your show of support!

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