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WoW Documentary Wins the Workman Film Festival Award

Women of the World’s

introductory documentary film won the Short Documentary Film Category at the 17 January Workman Productions Online Award in the Documentary Category. Ana Breton, Breton Films, deserves this award for her dedication to the project and how she helped the refugee struggles come to life in her documentary shot ‘about town’ with WoW President and Founder, Samira Harnish. A special mention goes out to all of the refugee ladies and gentlemen and the staff that assisted them who opened their homes and their stories to this special project… as with everything Women of the World does, our success would not be possible without the courage and diligence of our new neighbors and the staff and volunteers that support them.Women of the World staff and many of ‘our ladies’ that were featured in the film came out to see the video and stay to see a few of the other films. Many of the ladies that were featured in the video have moved on to the first steps that they detailed in the video so it was nice to get back together with everyone and discuss their progress and hear their stories of success.Below is further description of the event from the Online Awards site.

Festival Description


The Online Awards is a film festival that takes place in Salt Lake City the weekend before the famous Sundance Film Festival. The festival is open and free to the public to attend. The festival will also be simultaneously be broadcast live at our Los Angels and New York City venues as well.The Online Awards Film Festival is at the Infinity Events Center 26 E 600 S, Salt Lake City, UT

Awards & Prizes

After each seasonal deadline, quality and creativity are celebrated in three levels of awards: Best of Show, Silver Award and Gold Award. Best of Show honors are granted only if worthy productions are discovered. Likewise, no more than 15% of entries are granted Gold Award. Notable artistic and technical productions are recognized at the Silver award level. Judging results letters will be sent by email about four to six weeks after the final deadline to all participants, i.e., to those who were granted awards and those who were not granted awards. Free digital downloads of Online Award laurels will be made available to all winners.

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