Celebrating and Honoring Our New Neighbors

This year the 4th Annual Fashion Show was themed around the popular meme “Stepping Up.” Women of the World is constantly looking for ways to highlight the progress that our ladies are making in overcoming the odds and integrating into their communities  in Salt Lake City.
The life of a newly resettled refugee is an active engagement. It starts trying to make a small apartment into a home. There are many large and small details that go into just this simple task: from ensuring you get heat assistance to keep the cold out in the winter months to finding reasonably priced spices and standards used in the cooking you and your family are accustomed to.
Once a home is made, our ladies begin to support their husbands and children in venturing into the real world. Mothers need to know their kids will receive a great education and wives need to balance the incomes and expenses to keep the family fed and clothed.
After sacrificing for everyone else in their families, our ladies step up for themselves. Most will start learning English first, trying to stay in touch with their children who are learning a secret language shared with only their friends at school.
IMG_1835In parallel with learning English, parenting, and trying to keep a safe and happy home for a family beset by nightmares of war and loss, most of our ladies need to get employment. Two incomes are needed for those living at the poverty line, which is where most refugees start. The majority of our ladies have few skills that transfer to employment in Utah and have to learn on-the-job. Hard work is the only way to climb this learning curve.
Our new neighbors continue to find ways to step up and gain advantage from the opportunities they work hard to make. Many move from employee to employer, starting businesses in housekeeping, hair care or cosmetics, food service, or retail crafts to name a few. Others give back to their community and volunteer with organizations that helped them either in Utah or in the country of their birth.
Our women step up and expect the same of us. They are not asking for handouts but a fair opportunity, someone to mentor them, and an infrastructure that processes their hard work into a safe life that propels them forward.
There were over 100 guests from the community that stepped up to their neighborly duty and graciously welcomed our ladies and their cultures into our community.  Thanks to our sponsor Ally Bank and the in-kind donation of the Blended Table Catering, Liberty Heights Fresh Market, and Tiffany Bloomquist Designs, WoW was able to use all ticket sales to fund our programs. Furthermore, thanks to the generous matching gift of the Semnani Family Foundation, Women of the World was able to double the contributions of all our generous supports and raise more money for our brand of stepping up for refugee women.
IMG_1768The Fashion Show started off with remarks from women that are pillars of our community and know how to make a neighborhood feel warm and welcoming. Kimberli Haywood, a Community Reinvestment banker for Ally Bank and the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors for Women of the World introduced the Fashion Show and the meaning she and her family got from their interactions with our new neighbors. She introduced Nubia Pena, the keynote speaker and a Women’s Rights Advocate, who brought the crowd into the discussion, making them present in the broader moment where women are beset by dangers from domestic violence to the school-to-prision pipeline. Samira Harnish, the Founder and Executive Director of WoW followed Nubia and talked about Women of the World’s customized approach to service and the challenges and successes of this approach over the last six years of service.
It was then time for the Fashion Show, with emcees representing Miss Asia Utah (Miss Palestine Utah), Nora Abu-Dan, and Satin Tashnizi, First Runner Up to Miss Asia Utah (Miss Iran Utah). The emcees introduced Fashions first from Asia including cultures like Iranian, Iraqi, Kareni, Chin, Rohingyi, Nepalese, Afghan, Turkish, and Kurdish and then took an intermission where we were entertained by Ms. Asia Utah, Anju Thapaliya Sharma, with a traditional Nepalese dance. To close out the Fashion Show, the emcees took to the stage again and announced African fashions from cultures such as Somali, Burkana Faso, Sudanese, Congolese, Zambia, and Tanzania. The models all stood in solidarity together with the staff of Women of the World, displaying women’s power.
The Fashion Show was a tremendous success and as Board Member Beverley Cooper stated, "I wish we could count all the goodwill and new friends we made last night because that is huge.” Indeed that is what the Fashion Show is for, as a low-barrier for the community-at-large to act on Women of the World’s tagline, to give our ladies a voice and to befriend them. A big thanks to all of those volunteers, staff members, board members, and members of the community that made it all possible.

Friends Wanted - 2015 Giving Tuesday

The holiday season is about care and compassion for those that have been turned out of their homes, that seek shelter in the mangers of foreign lands.Our refugee neighbors have seen the worst violence imaginable and yet, they are humble in asking for anything, they want to work for it. In fact, all they ask for -- you can readily give --  your friendship.  Just like the secret of the season, it is better to give friendship than receive any other gift.You are offering grace.  There is no more precious a commodity.So on 1 December, befriend a refugee woman. Women of the World has many ways that you can give (SEE BELOW).

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.34.47 PM

When you are in a strange place, a smile and an offer of assistance can have profound impact.  We've all been on the outside, we've all been in places where the language or culture was foreign.  The helping hand changed our perspective of an entire community.  Their worn shoes and sore feet have been ours, the upside-down map they hold screams out from your memories of being lost.Thank you,signature_samiraSamira HarnishExecutive Director - Women of the World

3rd Annual Refugee Fashion Show

Women of the World's 3rd Annual Refugee Fashion show was a resounding success!!!Women from all over the world modeled in this celebration of the beauty and courage of our new neighbors.  Burundi, Congolese, Burmese, Iranian, Iraqi, Nepalese, Ethiopian, Rwandan, Sudanese, and Afghani women graced the stage at Pierpont Place on Thursday evening in to show their native country's fashions.  A sample of the photos that were taken are on Women of the World's Flickr page on the album 3rd Annual Refugee Fashion ShowA sampling of some of the fashions on display include:

IMG_8765Burundi beautiful, smart, kind Sandrine wearing Burundi traditional dress “Imvutano.”  She would typically dress up in Imvutano for weddings and church. This type of clothes basically symbolize the respect and dignity of a Burundian lady.The top of this ensemble is sari-like, with the fabric draping over one shoulder, across the bodice and leaving the other shoulder bare.  

Another example, from Burma:

IMG_8713Smart, vibrant Mary Nei Mawi and Dawt Dawt, are from Chin State in Burma. They are wearing beautiful Chin Traditional clothing. They mainly wear this type of dress on special occasions such as Chin National Day, Christmas, New Year’s, and wedding ceremonies.   

All of the photos of this event on Flickr represent an important milestone in the journey of our refugee women neighbors and friends.  As Founder and President Samira Harnish states to introduce our models...

As you applaud each of them as they walk the catwalk, think about the steps they took before the ones you are seeing – running away from violence and oppression, scared and hoping only for a safe night’s sleep. Think about what they left behind -- a comfortable job, house, and their families – sometimes even their own sons and daughters.Their beauty comes not only from their features or clothing; but from their strength and amazing courage to find a better life here in Utah.

Women of the World is indebted to all of the volunteers, supporters, directors (and directors' spouses) that helped to make the 3rd Annual Refugee Fashion Show such a tremendous success.  Women of the World would especially like to thank the primary sponsors for the Fashion Show.

Thank you to the 2015 Fashion Show Sponsors

“sponsor “sponsor “sponsor

Please consider keeping the momentum of the 3rd Annual Fashion Show alive by giving a generous gift via our secured donation site.

Ally Bank Grant for Customized Human Rights Service

Women of the World is pleased to announce that it has accepted a charitable contribution from Ally Bank.allyAlly Bank contributes funds to support organizations that assist low- and moderate-income individuals in the community.  Ally Bank prides itself on being an ally to its community partners.  Ally employees take great pride in offering their time and talent to charitable causes, and Women of the World has been the beneficiary of some terrific advice from its Ally Bank partner Kimberli Haywood.Through our programs of Customized Human Rights Service, Practical English, and Economic Empowerment, Women of the World is a refugee service organization that promotes the economic development to Salt Lake City’s low-income refugee women and their families.  Women of the World is provides services to low-income refugee women beyond the six-month benefit period supported by the majority of refugee service organizations.  Furthermore, because of Women of the World’s success in coordinating service, these organizations are offloading their complex cases into our portfolio, overwhelming our limited case management resources.  Women of the World’s services are customized for each our clients by their Case Manager, ensuring that the right opportunity -- like housing, English competency, and financial literacy -- is matched to their specific need.Utilizing this generous grant for customized human rights service, Women of the World will increase service to more low-income refugee women through the continuation of the Case Manager position.  Our current Case Manager has done a terrific job serving the refugee community as she works through university and we are very lucky to have her continue in her role of customized case management.Our Case Manager and Operations Director (currently volunteers) both work from home, and meet clients at appointments and in community centers when available.  While this method is serving over 3,000 different issues a year, it is very difficult.  We believe that having an office to conduct business with community partners and being available to serve our  refugee women in one space would increase our scope and efficiency and will be investigating this opportunity with this grant.Women of the World thanks Ally Bank for believing in its mission and supporting refugee women's needs with this generous grant.

Giving Tuesday in support of refugee self-reliance

Women of the World has been spreading the word about how amazing Utah has been in support of refugee women's self-reliance -- see the below spot on Comcast Newsmakers that went international on CNN Headline News.More support is always needed.  Women of the World knows that your holiday dollars are stretched thin, but for just $20 you can ensure that a refugee family can celebrate in the holiday season along with its community.  For just the price of a night at the movies, you can help a refugee mother give the warmth of the season to her family.  Just by knowing that her community is there for her -- her self-reliance is bolstered.Consider using Giving Tuesday in support of refugee self-reliance.Giving Tuesday in support of refugee self-relianceBelow is a more detailed account of what is possible when Women of the World is utilized to support women refugees no longer supported by intake agencies and who want to excel.

It was 11pm when I received a call from one of the ladies from the Congo.  She was crying but conveyed with her broken English mixed with French that she had lost her wallet on the bus.  She was so frustrated because her green card and her ID was in it. I had to calm her down, told her that tomorrow morning I would go and apply for new green card and ID.This woman is a survivor of war, oppression, poverty and rape, she is a single mother of three and a grandmother, all of whom depend on her for support. Her mother is paralyzed and she also needs a lot of help.The government supports her with food stamps but she only receives cash assistance if she works for 8 hours a day. She leaves her house from 7am-7pm to babysit for another family from Africa.  Of course no one takes care of her mother when she is gone to work.  As a result of losing her green card, she lost her opportunity to get a handicap accessible apartment (she was living in a basement with many stairs and she has to carry her mother upstairs to take her to doctor appointments).I got her a green card without her paying $460 fine, and I looked for legal places that can pay her to take care of her mother until I found one in an unknown program at Salt Lake County.Now she and her family are very happy and self-reliant because she is taking care of her mother, moved to accessible apartment, got her drivers license, and is learning English.  She is graduating WoW this December!


A Mother's Day donation

This beautiful sentiment was left by one of our generous donors in honor of her mom for Mother's Day 2014.  Women of the World is grateful to all of our wonderful donors and their terrific mothers!

Dear Mom, I feel like no matter where I've gone in the world, I'm always the most inspired by the strong women I meet. I know that's because you set the example early of what a strong, courageous, faithful woman truly is. Thank you for being my biggest supporter and giving me the foundation to live my dreams. Thank you for always keeping our family lively, grounded, service-oriented, and moving forward (and out the door). This donation is in your honor, because you've always inspired me by your example to serve, work with other strong women, reach out to our community, and bring others into it. (Plus, this is the group we worked with in SID, and they're really awesome--the founder, Samira, reminds me a lot of you, actually). I love you so much, and miss you every day! Can't wait to see you in a few months. Happy Mothers' Day to the best mother I could ever hope for. xoxo, M 

Love Utah Give Utah 2014

Women of the World needs your support!Supporting refugee women in achieving their dreams!

On Thursday, March 20, 2014, Women of the World (WoW) is participating in Love Utah, Give Utah 2014, a statewide event raising funds for non-profits that make our state great!WoW has been very successful in helping refugee women reach self-sufficiency since its beginnings in 2010.  Refugees flee war and genocide and are saved by communities like South Salt Lake City.  There are over 40,000 refugees in Utah, with more coming everyday due to the ongoing violence in places like Syria and South Sudan.We are a Salt Lake City-based charity supporting refugee women integration through our programs that:

  • Teach practical English language skills,Women of the World fundraiser
  • Partner with local financial institutions and employers on job skills workshops andsmall-business development
  • Develop human rights advocacy customized for the individuals housing, immigration, health, or legal needs.

For our refugee spokeswoman (see below), Social Pal from Burma, WoW is building on her excitement for education, helping to place her with the right post-secondary opportunities.Women of the World has earned several distinctions including: Google Grants, UWABC Grant, Guidestar Transparency in Non-Profits Award,  the Utah Women’s Giving Circle, and the Refugee Services Office Grant.

WoW is also the proud recipient of the 2013 Salt Lake City Human Rights Award.

This is where we need your help.

We are currently seeking donors to build our crowdfunding campaign. All proceeds generated through our efforts will benefit, Women of the World, a registered 501(c)(3) charity.  Simple use our “” link to donate anytime before or on March 20th.

If we can bring more information to your consideration or if you or someone you know would like to personally join our team our contact info is listed below.
Women of the World - Tax ID: 27-3826125Organization page:,Love Utah, Give Utah page:


Ladies Night Out 2014

We are excited to announce our Ladies Night Out event in April.

A donation through Love UT Give UT or our ticketing website gets you and your lady friends night of fun, drinks and treats! Get your tickets early, we have limited space in this beautiful lounge for you and your guests!

  •  Thursday, April 24, 2014
  • 5:30pm until 7:30pm
  • Celtic Bank
    • 268 South State Street, Suite 300
    • Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
  • Get Tickets (
  • Facebook Event Community

Women of the World needs your support! 

Supporting refugee women in achieving their dreams!

On April 24th, 2014 Women of the World (WoW), a young local non-profit is planning an evening to raise funds and support its growth! WoW has been very successful in helping refugee women reach self-sufficiency since its beginnings in 2010. This Salt Lake City based charity supports refugee women to achieve their dreams by offering services to successfully navigate their new surroundings including: English language skills, job skills workshops, post-secondary education opportunities and legal advocacy. This organization is a valuable resource to our community; it has earned several distinctions including: Google Grants, UWABC Grant, Guidestar transparency in non-profits award and the Refugee Services Office Grant.WoW is also the proud recipient of the Human Rights 2013 award, presented by the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office of Diversity and Human Rights.This is where we need your help. We are currently seeking donors willing to provide goods and services for a silent auction, as well as food and drink to be sampled during the reception and sponsor the event. All proceeds generated through our efforts will benefit, Women of the World, a registered 501(c)(3) charity.  Please use the contact form below to get in contact with us or signup on our Facebook Event Page to learn more details.

Sponsor the event

Lead Sponsor- $500

Be one of select few lead sponsors. Receive recognition in event advertising materials, TV banner at the event & eight event tickets


Mini Sponsor- $200

Receive recognition at the event via a TV banner add & four event tickets

Contribute Product/Service

Value TBD

Contribute appetizers for reception or donate products/gift certificates for silent auction and drive people to your business


Join the WoW Fundraising Committee and/or volunteer to work at the event

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Smith's Community Rewards Program

Women of the World is thrilled to partner with the Smith's Community Rewards Program.  For every time you swipe your card on qualified purchases at Smith's, Smith's Food and Drug will donate to a local non-profit like Women of the World.It is important to note that this donation is in addition to the grocery and gasoline rewards you already receive by using your Smith's Reward Cards and there is no additional charge for this service.The video embedded below steps you through:

  • Registering your card online
    • (Even if you have a Smith’s card, you need to register online)
  • Enter your email address and a password to start the process.
  • Entering your card number.
  • Searching for "Women of the World" and associating us as your community organization with your rewards program.

Further instructions are available using our training document or at the Smith's Community Rewards website.This fundraising goes to support your new neighbors with:

  • Less than $20 buys one refugee woman an entire year of customized advocacy.
  • Less than $25 builds employment and English skills for your new refugee neighbors in 2014.

Thank you again for using your Smith's Community Rewards Program with Women of the World.

California Pizza Kitchen 100% Donation Day

All day, this Sunday, August 26th at the Orem California Pizza Kitchen, 575 E. University Parkway in Orem, Women of the World is holding a fundraiser along with California Pizza Kitchen where 100% of the proceeds will go to the English Language Learner (ELL) program.    The fundraiser starts at 11:30 am and goes until 8 pm and while the flyer below says it is required, it is not required for this event.

Twice weekly, volunteers flow  from all over the Wasatch Valley, some bringing their kids, others bringing their bookbags, to become teachers of ELL.  They teach in classes, in apartments, and even out on the lawn.  They teach women refugees that are newly arrived in America and those that have been in the system for years but focus has not been paid to their development.  Some of our students have studied grammer for three years but can't communicate.  That's why Women of the World believes in its program -- teaching students in the CLASSROOM OF THE COMMUNITY!

What it means for Women of the World to be dedicating most of this fundraiser to the coordination and materials for the ELL program is that we will be able to pay a partial gratitude to our wonderful, dedicated ELL and Employment Specialist, Ruth Arevalo.  Ruth gives selflessly in order to develop the materials and curriculum for WoW's ELL program and maintains that she learns more than she teaches.  She is a gentle, kind, and patient teacher that deserves all the fundraising (in the form of pizza sales) that Women of the World and our friends and fans can muster this Sunday!

California Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser Flier   

2012 Fashion Show Highlights and Pictures

The 2012 Fashion Show  was the highlight of Refugee Month and had a large following online:


You can view the 2nd Annual Refugee Fashion Show pictures here!!!

A few other fun facts about the event:
  • There were over 100 people in attendance.
  • We received a $2,500 grant from the City of Salt Lake (Signature Events Grant Fund) for the Fashion Show and we spent a little over that for venue, music, food, presents and awards for the models, and advertisements.
  • We raised a little over $1,000, mostly from ticket sales.  We gave some free tickets to family members of the models
[gn_divider top="0"]
It was a very successful show & everyone asked when will be the next event.  Some of our volunteers and special guests added their comments, likes and dislikes for us to improve on the next event.  Also, there is some followup on how to become a Women of the World Fashion Show Model for next year.
Miss United Nations Crowning 2012 Women of the World Princess
  • Many people liked the formal crowning of Miss WoW Fashion Show by Miss United Nation (Nilufar Sherzod).  This princess of the event is name Sedra and is pictured at left.
  • The Miss United Nation pageant would love to have the refugee models in the pageant, since their participation will help them to be involved in community service and will help them to get a scholarship if they win.
  • An example of one of the many e-mails we received after the show
    • What did I like: loved the venue. I loved how you had all different ages of models. The dresses were beautiful. I liked how we all got to mingle and chat with the models
    • What I liked: overall it was a fabulous night with a good atmosphere. It was so fun and it sparked my interest to learn more about refugees in this area.
    • Suggestions for next year: I would like to see more things for the silent auction. (a few people volunteered to put together baskets for next year all ready)
    • Other suggestions for next year:  I would like to hear more about the model's countries that they come from & their personal stories if it's not too intrusive. ( I know this part might be hard since it was hard enough getting everyone's names in order. You never know who's going to show up:)

If you have any suggestions for our Fashion Show, our organization, or want to help in any way, we would love to have you.  Please leave your comments below or go to our contact page and fill out the form to email us.  Thank you for your continued readership and following Women of the World!


Second Annual Refugee Fashion Show

Beautiful. Professional. Elegant. Amazing. Dazzling.These are just a few of the words that came out of the mouths of the attendees of the Women of the World Refugee Fashion show on Friday night. Then Founder and Executive Director spoke and added one more word: COURAGE.Fashion Show ParticipantsFor every beautiful dress, for every elegant step, for every reserved-blooming-to-proud smile – there is a story of a second-hand t-shirt in a camp, a run for your life, a scream. Each of the women in the refugee fashion show takes a step away from being a victim and toward freedom… and their footfalls echo in the hearts of all of humanity. They ran from oppression to represent the culture that would not die, they each walked to educate us in our freedoms.This year’s fashion show featured women and fashions from Ghana, Congo, Iraq, Kurdish Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Senegal, Tajikistan, Brazil, Nepal, Sierra Leone, and Karen women from Burma. In the days leading up to the event, they put the finishing touches on their clothing and practiced walking the runway with Miss Tajikistan, Nilufar Sherzod. “Nil” taught each of the women about the differences between the traditional fashion runway model and a cultural fashion runway model – the slower pace, when to pause and give the audience a greeting from the nation’s traditions, and of course, how to smile and show your pride in representing your culture. It was Women of the World’s distinct pleasure to have Miss Sherzod mentor the young models and we encourage each of you to support Miss United Nations - Nilufar Sherzod.[gn_pullquote align="left"]They ran from oppression to represent the culture that would not die, they each walked to educate us in our freedoms.[/gn_pullquote]Pierpont Place was decorated and the caterers from the Red Rock Brewery started to deliver the delicious food for the event. The volunteers and staff from the Women of the World took their places and began to welcome the guests. Over 100 guests, friends, and family attended the nights events.The talent of the supporters of Women of the World continued to come to center stage as the MC of the night’s events and KSL TV and radio reporter, the host of Cultural Connections, Nkoyo Iyamba. Using her knowledge of fashion from her entrepreneurial vision of bridal dresses and her understanding of cultures as a reporter of Salt Lake City diversity, Nkoyo dazzled the crowd with her encyclopedic knowledge and endeared them with her ever-present wit. Women of the World could not have picked a more beautiful, more charismatic host for the event and is greatful for Nkoyo’s joy in presenting each of the models and their cultural heritage.Dancing on the StageAfter a message from the Fashion Show volunteer coordinator Felicia Sanchez and a thanks to those who donated generously to the Fashion Show’s Silent Auction (see list below) by Development Director Justin Harnish, Samira Harnish delivered her message that detailed both the beauty and courage of the Women of the World and the need for each of us to support refugee women in order to develop families and our communities.Then it was time for the Fashion Show.(For more information about the outfits and cultural background of each of the fashions, see the slides detailing some of the traditional fashions)We started with beautiful little children wearing the traditional clothing of their homelands. Of course these little ones were met with the the most fantastic ahhhs and ohhhs of all of the models. It was not just because of their cuteness, they had the grace and skill on the catwalk after their time in training with Nil and the rest of the Miss Universe models.All Fashion Show ParticipantsThe teens followed, each beautiful and with an air of invinsibility, so common to an American teen. There are so many stories in this group. In the days before the Fashion Show, we met Mami and her sister Rosabelle from the Republic of the Congo. We learned how long it has taken for them to achieve this confidence in the United States, how their high school classmates made fun of their English, and how they don’t associate with any country yet. You couldn’t tell on the catwalk, Rosabelle beautiful, studious, and shy was poised, while her sister, tall and elegant, passionate about becoming a fashion model, was professional. All of the confidence of being where they belong could be seen.Finally, the adults, the mothers came out onto the catwalk. Iran, Congo, and Iraq were all represented. They brought there families, some walking the same catwalk as their daughters, sharing the pride they feel in their heritage. There are not words enough for how beautiful the women and girls were, showing from both the inside and outside. The video footage and the photos show it all.There are so many people to thank but for the part of this blog, Women of the World would like to thank the fans that attended the Fashion Show and that dilligently read and subscribe to the blog. Thank you for all of your support.

2012 Refugee Fashion Show on June 8th @ 6pm

Congolese Woman RefugeeThanks to the terrific benevolence of the community, Salt Lake City is the home of over 25,000 refugees with over half of those being women and girls. These women are mothers that have struggled mightily to go to the end of the earth to protect their families and children that have seen nightmares when they are awake. Even with these burdens, they still want to recognize their cultural heritage; even after running from war and living in tents in refugee camps, these women still want to be seen as beautiful.Last year, Women of the World (WoW) ran its 1st Annual Refugee Fashion Show ( and it was a tremendous success. While it was done on a bootstrap budget, the models continued to make the rounds and the pictures show the pride this important developing demographic felt in their handmade cultural fashions and how elegant they looked in them. The crowds enjoyed the event and after it was published in the Sugar House Journal, anticipation by the community for the followup event has been very high.[gn_pullquote align="right"]the models continued to make the rounds and the pictures show the pride this important developing demographic felt in their handmade cultural fashions and how elegant they looked in them[/gn_pullquote]On 8 June 2012 from 6-9pm, we are holding the 2nd Annual Refugee Fashion Show at Pierpont Place (163 W Pierpont Ave in SLC). We hope you can all attend and show your support for an elegant refugee fashion show. Tickets are available for a minimum donation of $20 at  We are also having a silent auction during the event, so if you or your business would like to donate something for auction, please contact me with more details.The Refugee Fashion Show teaches the community about the cultural history and fashions of women from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. It educates Salt Lake residents about their neighbor’s struggles and how pleased they are to be in America. Please reach out and be a part of this important community event.2nd Annual Fashion Show Flyer---

Consider donating to Women of the World

Women of the World is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization whose aim is to support refugee women to achieve self-sufficiency. Women refugees face the combined threat of suffering their trauma in silence, raising a family in their new home, and having few current job skills applicable to a difficult job market. Utah women refugees struggle and succeed at gaining self-sufficiency through education and employment only with your generous support.Women of the World's 501(c)(3) exemption

Pizza Fundraiser Supporting Refugee Dental Needs

Support Refugee Women by Eating Pizza - 16 March

Women of the World is proud to present residents and visitors of Salt Lake City and Provo with the opportunity to eat pizza and support refugee women in Utah!  California Pizza Kitchen has generously agreed to donate 20% of the proceeds from their sales all day on Friday, March 16, 2012 to Women of the World's Charitable work.[gn_box title="Rules" color="#333333"]

  1. All food AND beverages are covered.
  2. You must present the image below in order for Women of the World to receive its 20%.
  3. All items regularly priced, you pay nothing extra.


So take the below image and your appetite to any California Pizza Kitchen in Salt Lake City, Murray, or Orem on Friday, March 16th 2012 and support refugee women's dental care, critical health, and service needs.

 Women of the World and California Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser

Looking Forward to 2012

Hello everyone in Utah and all over the world, I want to wish you a happy, wonderful, successful, prosperous, peaceful, healthy and wealthy new year. Women of the World Organization has passed its first year anniversary and has done some amazing work in 2011.We have helped more than 100 refugee families, women, men and children; are building great capacity by:

  • offering them schooling, advocacy, jobs, interpreting, health education, and American cultural education.
  • by giving each woman what she needs and make her safe in her new refugee community.

Women of the World and the organization's clients send their appreciation for all the people that donated furniture, kitchen supplies, winter clothes, infant and household products. These are very useful, much needed things to make refugee women happy & support the entire family. Refugee women only need these simple things to feel empowered as a mothers, sisters, or daughters.We are looking forward to 2012.  Women of the World has a big list of needed programs for refugee women and hopes to turn some of the assisted clients into service professionals in the community from whence they came.  The programs WoW is working on this year include:

  1. An Experiential English Language Learners (ELL) class, our ladies are very excited to learn English with new program that Women Of the World put together using the "classroom of the community" approach.
  2. An office to gather the ladies, where they can communicate and learn from other women from different countries.  This is great therapy for the war survivors, rape survivors, and women that have survived more than 20 years living in camps.  An office will support many, many great things that will empower and build her capacity in her new community.
  3. Help women find a job or to get her own business.  For anyone that employees women, our community members are ready to go to work and are educated and hardworking.  This valuable resource with important ideas can help differentiate your business and make it more successful.

 Please we need your help to make her dreams come true.Donations to Women Refugees

  • We need volunteers in many positions,
  • We need English tutors,
  • we need funding to pay the people helping other refugee women.
  • we need donation for
    • kitchen supply (pot, pans, dishes, food processor),
    • vacuum cleaner,
    • diapers,
    • shampoo and soap,
    • detergent,
    • and food.

These women, mostly mothers, have gone to the ends of the world to protect their children and their families, please continue your generosity and give them the help they need to make their new houses into homes.

Refugee Holiday Celebration

“It is better to give than to receive.”

Women of the World was happy to connect the giving of the wonderful, caring, and charitable women of Salt Lake City with the needs of the refugee community. As part of its Refugee Casework, one of the databases that Women of the World has kept in its Dropboxhas been that of the needs of each family. Some may need a vacuum, others may require blankets or bedding, while others request toys or computers for their youngsters. For each of these refugee families, these requests are weighed heavily on the balance of want versus need and often require the patience of months before there is any resolution. That is where the holiday spirit, and a special group of women, stepped up in a big way.Women of the World Clothing and Toy Holiday Donations

Girls Night Out Women’s Group

Women of the World counts on women of all nations understanding the unique struggles of women in other circumstances and supporting one another – and this holiday season the support has been overwhelming! The women’s organization Girl’s Night Out donated new clothing, toys, educational games, computers, and household items toward filling the needs and holiday wishes of Women of the World’s members. Furthermore, a grant was given by a wonderful donor that will be used to futher develop the Refugee Dental Health Wellness Program started this year by Women of the World.

Delivering Gifts - The Christmas Bonus of Nonprofit Service Volunteering

Even though nonprofit service work does not come with a Christmas bonus in the monetary sense, delivering gifts to underprivlidged refugee families that really need these household and clothing items is far more rewarding. The delight and thanks they share for the gifts of strangers makes me enjoy Christmas more than I have in years and gives the special sense of humanity and unity that is the REAL meaning of Christmas.

Red Mango Fundraiser

Hello everyone, I want to invite you all to Orem, Utah to test Red Mango Yogurt & Smoothies. The address is 297 E University Parkway on Friday Oct 21st from 10:30am-midnight. Red Mango will donate 20% of total to assist Women Of the World.  Please take the flyer with you to represent it when you buy.This fundraiser will give local refugee women and their families residing in the Salt Lake Valley the opportunity to receive needed dental care. Fundraiser Flyer 

Grant Awarded!

Tonight Women of the World was granted a cash award to continue its work in educating women refugee English language learners.  This grant was donated by theUWABC Grant Awardees - Women of the WorldUtah Women's Alliance for Building Communities and will be used to develop a tutoring curriculum for teaching English language learners the basics in conversational English -- the language skills that they need in the grocery store, in the hospital, and to improve the lives of themselves and their families.  Since Women of the World found one of its members unable to speak for herself when her landlord failed to fix the mold overtaking their apartment, we have been active in determining which language skills are essential for new immigrants and refugees to develop in order to build self-sufficiency -- we feel we have developed a good list in this regard.Women of the World was one of two grantees chosen from over 25 applicants.  All grantees and awardees are performing gracious works of service and Women of the World is fortunate to be amongst such helpful and caring company.  As founder Samira Harnish said in her acceptance speech, "with this grant, you have given women a voice to overcome their own struggles and I ensure you the first thank you letter is coming from a newly literate woman in the spring."  You can see Samira's entire speech on WoW TV.UWABC and Women of the World Presidents 

Spring Cleaning Furniture Donations

This weekend, Women of the World participated in a heartwarming show of charity with Salt Lake and Utah county residents that gave selflessly of themselves by donating their time and money to load up a Uhaul truck and distribute donations of furniture, appliances, and bedding to individuals in need in the community.  Tamee Roberts used her contacts throughout the community to gain access to some fine furniture donations that were loaded by volunteers onto a Uhaul truck and then unloaded to WoW members originating from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.Everyone who participated enjoyed the time immensely.  Young children played together at each house and helped to direct bunk beds into their new places in their rooms; women offered food and drink to tired volunteers; and men and women alike lifted donations into and out of the Uhaul truck.  The smiles of the receivers were only eclipsed by those who participated in all of the hard work of giving.Thanks to Tamee, Samira, and all who donated their much appreciated furniture and appliances to members of the WoW community!

A Christmas Wish - Fulfilled (in part) by the Women of the World

A Christmas Wish - Fulfilled (in part) by the Women of the World

In this time of giving and good will, I would like to introduce you to Balquees (BAL-keys), an introduction which as her doctor plainly states, may be for a short time.  You see, Balquees was born with a congenital heart defect that has left her tired and without medical treatment options in either Iraq or in America.